The Hot Holder JEWELRY

The Hot Holder JEWELRY

The newest Hot Holder is for DIY Jewelry makers and hobbyists.

It safely holds stones, rings, necklaces and even glasses without scratching!

A stepped ring cone holds finger and toe rings firmly, and flexes to fit just about every size.

A necklace gap holds chains by the ends for work in the middle.

A small parts dish keeps tiny screws and studs from rolling away.

Suction base sticks to a smooth work surface.

It will stand on its side to allow better access, and holds odd-shaped stones firmly without damaging them.

How will you use The Hot Holder JEWELRY?

NOTE: Not for torch heating. 1500°F flames will burn and damage the silicone.
A standard 700°F soldering iron will heat large items, because:
The Hot Holder JEWELRY doesn't heat-sink the part like a vise grip or pliers.

$59. FREE SHIPPING to any USA Address